Hearing Procedure

  • Upon a claim being filed in the Tribunal, a Notice of Hearing will be issued by the Secretary or Assistant Secretary to the Tribunal in Form 4 stating the date, time and place of hearing of the claim to the claimant and respondent at least 14 days before the date of hearing.
  • At the hearing, the Claimant and Respondent cannot be represented by a lawyer and shall conduct the hearing on their own.
  • If the claimant is a minor or a person under a disability, he may be represented by his next friend or guardian ad litem.
  • Where the respondent is a firm or company, it may be represented by its full-time paid employee.
  • The hearing of a claim at the Tribunal will be conducted before a member of the Tribunal (to be known as “President” during the hearing) who sits alone and he may at any time assist both parties in conducting their cases.
  • At the hearing, the Tribunal shall, where appropriate, assist both parties to effect a settlement of the claim by consent.
  • At the hearing,both parties shall be entitled to adduce evidence, call any witness or produce any document, record or thing in support of their cases.
  • All hearings before the Tribunal shall be open to the public.


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